Corporate Clients

Retail and Employee Theft

Employee theft is a rapidly growing crime in the US.  According to the Department of Justice, nearly one third of employee’s commit some type of employee theft.  Employee theft can include but not limited to: faking on-the-job injuries for compensation, taking merchandise, stealing small sums of cash, forging or destroying receipts, shipping and billing scams, putting fictitious employees on payroll, and falsifying expense records.

Let the trained investigators at Perma Investigations get to the bottom of your problem.  Some of the services we offer are:

  • Workplace surveillance
  • Termination assistance
  • Loss Prevention and Asset Protection
  • Accident Investigations
  • Trademark Counterfeiting
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Theft Investigations
  • Polygraph examinations for employee theft
  • Background Checks

Services for Restaurants and Bar Theft

As in any cash business, there is always the temptation for employees to help themselves to your profits. Bars and restaurants are frequently the victims of employee theft. Most bars and restaurants have regular employee turnover and nearly all establishments end up hiring someone who will steal from them. These employees will steal cash sales, steal inventory and are prone to serving friends your drinks and food without charging them. Left unchecked, this behavior can spread and quickly have a devastating effect on your bottom line. The more people you employ, the greater the risk.

Perma Investigations can provide you with a detailed report of what your employees are doing when you are not watching them. Some of the concerns that we have dealt with from clients are:

  • Are our employees over pouring drinks?
  • Are our employees spending time socializing rather than working?
  • Did the bartender bunch sales and ring up several at the same time?
  • Are people being admitted without paying cover?
  • Are our employees over serving patrons who are visibly intoxicated?
  • Was the cash register closed at all times?
  • Determining if a receipt is used for every sale?


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